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Events & Corporate

Special events. Photo shoots. Editorials. Speaking events. Features in magazines. These are all reasons why you might want to have a fresh, gorgeous look created.

Having your hair and makeup done can enhance your natural beauty and create a polished look that helps you feel more confident and poised. And our indulgent, luxurious salon will leave you relaxed and ready to conquer the world.

You’re taking on the world. We help you look the part.

Special Event Hair and Makeup

Whatever the event – whether it’s race day, a birthday, an engagement, a christening, a graduation or anything else – we want to ensure you feel pampered as well as come away looking and feeling your best.

We’ll listen to you and work with you. We’ll talk through your ideas and create a look built around your features, your style, the trends you love and the event you’re attending.

We can create any style of look. Spring or autumn race carnivals. Industry awards nights. Black tie formal, or red-carpet glam. No matter the event. No matter the style. Our expert hair and makeup stylists can help you pull together a show-stopping, dramatic and unforgettable look.


Professional images are part of the corporate world. You’ll need them for your website, your social media, your bios and even your PR and media releases. And corporate functions and speaking events are the name of the game.

Investing time and money into a polished, best-foot-forward look is not just a nice-to-have, but part and parcel to being successful in your business. We can help you put that look together.

We work around your busy schedule

We know that booking a salon visit isn’t always easy or convenient. Especially when you’re busy working long hours or on your own business. That’s why we aim to make it as smooth and friction-free as possible.

We have a large staff, which means we can work around your schedule (and even your entire team’s if necessary). And our elite team of expert stylists can come to you.

Plan your cohesive look

Our combined expertise means we can work with you to create your polished, professional look that lets your own success shine through. We’ll ensure you walk away feeling confident and portraying the ideal that you’re looking for, whether that’s beautifully buttoned up, or corporate casual.

And if you’re needing a cohesive look for your whole team, we can help you accomplish that as well.


We’ve put our most frequently-asked questions and answers here for you. Reach out if there’s something else you’d like to know.

We’re located at the Hyperdome Shopping Centre on the corner of Pacific Highway and Bryants Road in Loganholme, Queensland.

Hair styling only will take about an hour, to an hour and a half. Makeup only will take about 45 minutes. If you’d like both, you should prepare for approximately two hours at the salon.

To prepare for your event look, it’s always a good idea to have inspirational images of hair and makeup. You should also dress in a something that’s a bit similar to your formal attire. So, if you’re wearing a red halter dress, find a top that mimics that look as well. It will help you envision how you will look once you put your event attire on.

Finally, arrive with a clean face and hair (no makeup or products), and bring all your accessories – including jewellery and special hair adornments.

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