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As the fastest-growing hair styling brand in Australia, we’re constantly on the lookout for fantastic humans to add to our team of creative master stylists. Whether you’re starting as an apprentice or come to us with pre-existing salon training, you simply need a willingness to learn and an innate understanding of the beauty industry.

All our stylists, whether brand new or masters, need to demonstrate that they are passionate about their craft. They need to have the drive and skills to become absolute experts when it comes to both performance and ability. Even more, they need to be able to see the ever shifting trends in beauty styles and be able to translate those looks to their own gorgeous customers.

We Want the Best People

At Blue Diamond Hair Co., we want the best. We look for creativity, skill, an eye for beauty, and a desire to build a career with Blue Diamond Hair Co. But we also want great people. People who care. People who go above and beyond. And people who know that the customer is the centre of any great salon.

It’s More Than a Job, It’s a Business

When you join Blue Diamond Hair Co. you won’t just be trained as a hair stylist. We want you learning, growing, becoming a fierce advocate of our brand and an integral part of our franchise.

Our goal is to take talented young hair enthusiasts, and create up-and-coming business owners who, ultimately, become owners of the Blue Diamond Hair Co. franchise.

Why Blue Diamond Hair Co.

Working at Blue Diamond Hair Co. is a team effort. We don’t have individual targets, but team targets, from the manager right down to the apprentice. This structure creates a supportive environment where everyone benefits from hard work and talent.

We believe, when one rises, we all rise.

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