Fun, friendly haircuts for kids of all ages

Under 18s

Teen or toddler, heading to the salon can be a bit of a mission. Teens worry about what look to get. And toddlers just want to be playing, not sitting in a salon chair.

No worries – we’ve seen it all (and more). Our fun, friendly and gentle stylists are ready for every type of cute (and crazy) kid.

Our Under 18s Services

For Our Blue Diamond Kids

Our salon is one of the few child-friendly salons in Queensland. And we’re crazy proud of our purpose-built kids space. Games. Toys. Drawing. Movies. Even iPads. So your child can play, watch Netflix, colour or otherwise keep themselves happily occupied while they aren’t actually in the salon chair (good for them, and great for you).

Now you can easily and happily combine your own haircut or treatment with a cut and style for your child. And it’s great for families with more than one child as well.

For Our Blue Diamond Teens

Teens know what they want. And so do mum and dad. We specialise in advising and working with teens to ensure they’re happy with their new look (and you are, too). The freshest cuts. The newest looks. We know the styles that teens want. We help them look polished and put together without going overboard.

And when it comes to formals and school events, we’ve got the newest upstyles and formal looks in the bag.


We’ve put our most frequently-asked questions and answers here for you. Reach out if there’s something else you’d like to know.

We’re located at the Hyperdome Shopping Centre on the corner of Pacific Highway and Bryants Road in Loganholme, Queensland.

A toddler’s haircut will take only 15 minutes or so. We know they don’t want to sit much longer than that. As they grow older, haircuts will take a bit longer depending on the cut and style they’re after. Of course, teens cuts are pretty much the same as adults, with a wash, cut and style included, and will take around the hour mark.

We use Keune Haircosmetics, a family-owned Dutch cosmetics company and the leading salon-only professional hair care brand. They are absolutely safe for all users, kids and adults alike.

When you buy Keune products, you also support The Keune Foundation, which provide financial assistance to families who have had a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

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